This page is simply to say thank you and to recognize the individuals who've helped me on this journey in some way, shape, or form. You have helped me by giving one or more of the following: your time, advice, feedback, knowledge, support, encouragement, and even money. Some of you I know personally, some of you I've yet to meet, and some of you I rarely speak to anymore, but that doesn't change how thankful I am for the time that you were in my life.

This list has no specific order and will be added to as I remember:

Ronaldo Stewart
Justin Cary
Neil Bontrager
Aaron Patton
Darrin Hackney
Emily Brensing
Tim Davis
Lizzy Weber
Aaron Woodall
Tom Green
Lars Jepsen
Isaiah Taylor
Nate Maxwell
Breg Anderson
Lindsey Anderson
Drey Singer
Robert Singer
Caylynn Singer
Steph Singer
Andrew Thompson
Conor Travis

Dani Diamond
Brian McLevis
Andrew Holder
Benjamin J. Hobson
Collin Jensen
Dale Jensen
Javonte Mcgriff
Kyle Koser
Beau Desmarteau
Mike Schmidt
Mark Winegar
Stuart Gibbs
Joshua Johnston
Kris LaMarr
Nikki Freeborn
Casey Harris
Meg Magennis
Nikita Thatcher
Tamara Lewis
Bella (sybellaadmeta)
Zoe (zpixiewow)
Emma Roy